Free Educational Resources on the ‘Net – 2007

List compiled and maintained by: Walter F. Rodriguez.

To add your favorite (free) resource, please email me at: (Replace the word “at” with the symbol. Used to prevent spamming.)



OpenOffice – Microsoft Office alternative –

GIMP – Powerful image editor, comparable to Photoshop –

gCalc – Advanced graphing calculator –

OpenSource Windows –

The OpenCD

Software for Starving Students –


College Courses

MIT – 1700 Available courses

MIT Courses with Video –

UC Berkeley (“Browse by year created” tool on the right) –

UC Berkeley – Events and speakers –

Carnegie-Mellon Open Learning Initiative


Notre Dame Open Courseware


Johns Hopkins


Utah State Open Courseware


Video Resources, Documentaries, and Lectures

T.E.D. Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

National Geographic Channel –

National Geographic Video –

Documentary Films –

PBS Videos Online –

Green Energy TV –

About’s Video Archive –

Important Speakers at MIT –

How Stuff Works –

Google Education –

Google Lectures –


Educational Media Resources (Books, audio, etc.)

Apple’s Ipod Univeristy

Bartleby –

Free Online Textbooks

Project Gutenberg


Princeton’s UChannel


Learn OutLoud

Mixed Media




Google Scholar –

U.C. Berkely’s LabNotes


Microsoft LiveSearch Academic –

Directory of Open Access Journals –



BBC Languages –

Google Language Tools –

iTunes – Download iTunes and look under “podcasts” and then “Language Courses”. Most titles are free. –

Babel Fish – Free translation –

Learn Chinese –

Foreign Language Courses –

International Television –


Web 2.0 Tools


Thinkature Shared virtual workspace –

Google Docs and Spreadsheets –

Ning – Social Community Creator –

Tapped In – A free virtual world in which to hold meetings or classes –

Forbes List of Best Blogs –

EduBlogs – Educational blogs –



Google –

Wikipedia – Online, perpetually updating encyclopedia –

Wikipedia Reference Desk –

Infinite Thinking Machine –

Google For Educators –



Internet Public Library –

Internet FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on a variety of subjects-

BCC Learning –

Open Directory Project –

Librarians Internet Index –

Internet Archive –

Geogebra – Online Visual Math Tutorials –

WebDesign Tutorials –

Mayo Clinic – Health reference –


~ by Walter on September 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Free Educational Resources on the ‘Net – 2007”

  1. […] Free Educational Internet Resources List […]

  2. check out by the annenburg foundation… tons of videos

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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