There’s nothing like a blank notebook – all potential and adventure just waiting to happen. There’s something holy about an untouched canvas. The beauty lies in the fact that there is undiscovered art nesting there in the nothingness. All we have to do is coax it out. And so we begin…

I decided to call this particular notebook of mine “Pieces” because in every human interaction, we leave behind a part of ourselves. Like a ghostly image captured on a roll of film, the memory of every word, every look, every moment spent with someone remains long after the event has passed. And so I will leave in this notebook pieces of myself, in the hopes that they may do some good. After all, what else have we to give but ourselves and our love?

And yes, I’m calling this a notebook and not a blog because I am a romantic and, like most romantics, I find it hard to leave behind the idea of a beautiful thing. I am not putting pen to paper, not hearing the soft scratch as the two meet and imprint my thoughts on the page in ink, yet the process is the same. Now it is keys that I am tap-tap-tapping as the dark of night swallows the world around me. I’m leaning back in my chair and staring at the bright light of the screen in front of me but a part of me is hunched over a desk or perhaps laying in bed, a small leather-bound notebook open in front of me, and somewhere in that place the scratching of the pen drowns out all other sound.

I’m not two dimensional, as anyone who begins to read this record will see. I don’t believe in labels – doctor, policeman, child, priest – because we are each of us all of those things and so many more. I have studied Theater and English, and those are the things which pay the bills, but I’m not just a writer and actor, not just an artist. I paint, I sing, I play piano, write songs, draw, but I also run, I jump, I laugh, I go for walks in the rain, and I dream. There’s a million facets to everyone and, if you decide to keep reading me, you’ll get to see them emerge, entry by entry.

So if you’re looking for political commentary, or jokes, or any other single thing – you’re in the wrong place. Yes, I may write about social or political issues. I may write some really funny entries. But I am just as likely to explore a thought I had that relates to philosophy or a scientific theory. I may write an entire entry on why I believe that no amount of molasses will ever taste as good as one square of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

So, hello. My name is Walter F. Rodriguez, and I am going to share myself via this notebook, giving away pieces of myself to anyone who cares to take one. I welcome comments and questions, as they are signs of all of you giving a little bit of yourselves back. I hope that in this way we’re able to get to know each other and I look forward to that. Thank you for your time and your readership.


~ by Walter on September 28, 2007.

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